Is Your Traditional Wedge Killing Your Short Game?


Discover the New Wedge with an Ingenious Design that Makes Escaping Bunkers a Breeze… Virtually Eliminates Fat Shots… Adds a Deadly Flop Shot to Your Arsenal… Gives You Confidence from Tight Lies & Thick Rough… and Saves You Strokes from Anywhere Around the Green – Instantly and Without Practice... GUARANTEED

The short game.

It’s not your long suit, is it?

In any given round, you might do any or all of these things:

  • Flub several easy chips (and hope nobody’s watching).
  • Leave a shot or two in a bunker (then take out your frustrations on an innocent rake).
  • Blade a pitch or chip across the green and into even worse trouble (turning potential pars into dreaded “others”).
  • Growl under your breath as your so-called “buddies” snicker at your mishaps. (Grudgingly admitting that if you were them, you’d probably laugh too.)
  • Curse your $150 wedge and all those famous pros who endorse it. (Let’s see them use it with my swing.)

And they say golf is supposed to be fun. Hi, I’m Arron Oberholser – PGA winner and CBS commentator – and I’ve got some news that’ll brighten your day.

That weak short game of yours – the one that’s ruining your rounds and crushing your spirits – is about to become your greatest strength.

Without So Much As a Single Lesson or Practice Session.

In fact, the solution is incredibly simple.

All you need is one new club.

One brilliantly designed, amateur-friendly, highly affordable, positively-deadly-within-50-yards-of-the-flag new club – a wedge, to be precise.

I’ll share all the details of this modern marvel shortly, after I answer your most pressing question:

“How much could one wedge change my game?”

More than you can imagine.

For starters, this wedge will:

  • Eradicate those embarrassing fat chips and pitches, even on your less-than-perfect swings.
  • Get you out of bunkers in one shot, every time.
  • Clip the ball cleanly off tight lies, with loads of backspin to stop it close to the pin.
  • Fill you with confidence in every greenside situation – no matter the lie, the rough height or the sand conditions.
  • Wipe those smug grins off your buddies’ faces… and just wait till they see you execute an astounding, Phil-style flop shot.

Oh, there’s also this:

You’ll be able to do these things immediately – the very first time you pick up this amazing wedge.

And this:

You can play any kind of shot while taking your normal stance and swing. Easy as that.


You should be. If one wedge could do all this for the everyday golfer, surely the big clubmakers would have come up with it years ago, right?

Yeah, you’d think so.

But you’d be wrong.

It's Not You. It's Your Wedge

“If you’ve hit one wedge, you’ve hit ’em all.”

That’s what I used to think. And believe me, I’ve tried more wedges than I can count.

To be perfectly honest, I can actually tell tiny differences between each one. For example, wedge “A” may have an extra degree of bounce angle, while wedge “B” has a crescent-shaped sole grind. These minor variations have a major effect on how a club performs.

But only if you’re a pro.

And that’s the problem with traditional wedges.

They’re made for pros.

Slender sole... Tiny sweet spot... Zero forgiveness on miss-hits...

No wonder the average golfer struggles around the greens.

Here’s the thing: While golf’s major brands plow mountains of cash into R&D, they spend the vast majority of it on driver and golf ball technology.

And it shows – I bet your tee shots are longer today than they were 10 or 15 years ago. Probably straighter, too.

Irons, hybrids, fairway woods and even putters have advanced dramatically in the past decade as well.

Hey, anything that makes this maddening game easier gets a thumbs-up from me.

But what about the humble wedge?

... Where’s the ingenious design that practically eliminates fat chips and pitch shots?

... The innovative shape that turns weekend warriors into flop-shot wizards?

... The technological breakthrough that helps everyday golfers escape bunkers with ease and stare down tight lies like Dirty Harry cornering a street punk in a dark alley?

Raise your hand if you see where I’m headed.

Bingo. It’s all in the brand-new xE1 Wedge – a club specifically designed to compensate for typical short game miss-hits.

It’s about time.

The Secret Is in the Sole

Notice that there’s no famous brand name in front of “xE1 Wedge.”

(That’s one reason the price is so low. More on that later.)

I won’t bore you with a history lesson on the xE1’s invention and development.

Long story short: This wedge is based on a patented design that’s nothing less than brilliant.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Auto-Glide Sole:

Now tell me: Does that look anything like your sand or lob wedge?

I didn’t think so.

Trust me, it doesn’t play like yours either.

True to its name, the Auto-Glide Sole automatically glides through anything in its path, even gnarly rough and soft sand!

It’s equally amazing from tight fairway lies, wet grass and bunkers compacted by rain. Divots and buried lies? They don’t stand a chance against this thing.

So what is it, you’re probably wondering, that makes the xE1 so different from other wedges?

It starts with a small but crucial modification called

RPM – Repositioned Performance Mass

I’ll keep the explanation brief.

On a traditional wedge, the Point of Resistance (POR) is at the front of the sole, near the leading edge. This pushes the rear of the sole downward as it passes through impact, which can cause the club to bounce off the turf or sand and up into the ball. Result: a nasty thin shot.

On the xE1, the POR is located at the rear of the sole (hence the term Repositioned Performance Mass). This effectively forces the xE1’s leading edge down through the shot, greatly reducing the chance you’ll hit the ol’ “bellied wedge.”

Pair RPM with the Auto-Glide Sole’s wide, gently curved shape,
which prevents the club from digging, and you can say goodbye to fat shots, too.

Pretty awesome, huh?

The xE1’s design offers a bonus benefit as well.

If you’ve ever shanked a wedge – and who hasn’t? – it probably happened when you opened the clubface to get extra height on the shot. That moves the hosel dangerously close to the ball, so even the slightest swing error can cause the most dreaded miss-hit in golf.

With the xE1, there's no need to open the clubface.

It’s got 65° of loft (about 5° more than a standard lob wedge, and 9° more than a sand wedge), allowing you to set up square, swing away and produce gravity-defying pitch shots from any lie.

So, to summarize:

The technology in the xE1 cuts down on thin shots, all but banishes fat shots and helps prevent shanks, too.

OK, we’ve discussed all the bad things you can’t do with the xE1. Let’s talk about the great things you can do – with unbelievable ease:

  • Fearlessly lob the ball over sand or water (confident you won’t duff it into the hazard).
  • Attack the pin from tight turf (unconcerned about blading it into oblivion).
  • Stick bunker shots close from any lie (because just getting it out will no longer be a triumph).
  • Play aggressively when you’ve got a good look at the flag (with no worry of skipping it over the green).

And last but not least...

Hit seemingly impossible "Phil-style" flop shots

(To see how one average golfer instantly executed beautiful flops with the xE1, see the accompanying story below.)

xE1 Wedge Turns Average Golfer Into Flop-Shot Phenom


Can you hit the coolest shot in golf?

You know the one.

It’s the shot Phil and Tiger call on when they need a crunch-time miracle.

The shot pros use to get up-and-down from places so perilous they make Mt. Everest look like Beverly Hills.

The cloud-piercing, gravity-mocking projectile that leaves onlookers gasping, “Holy bleep, did you see that???”

Yes, I’m asking if you can hit a flop shot. And I think I know the answer:

A big, fat “NO.”

I say we change that to a joyous, resounding “YES!”

That’s what Allan Brilz did. And it took him, oh, about a minute and a half.

Allan is an 18-handicapper from Billings, Montana, who was one of three lucky amateurs plucked randomly from an Arizona golf course to test the new xE1 Wedge.

Each golfer played three greenside shots using his own wedge. Then we handed him an xE1 to try the exact same shot three more times.

We didn’t make it easy on Allan, challenging him with a pitch over a bunker to a pin set on a narrow neck of green. Watch what happened:

As you probably noticed, Allan’s not a bad golfer. But he doesn’t boast exceptional talent or finely tuned skills, either.

Yet there he is, lofting high, soft lobs closer and closer to the hole with a wedge he’s never laid eyes on (let alone practiced or played with).

That’s the xE1 in action.

Why Your Flop Shot is a Flop

So, how does the xE1 Wedge make the daunting flop shot so easy for amateurs?

Let’s start with another question: Why does the traditional wedge make the flop shot so hard?

Answer: Because it requires adjustments that take you outside your comfort zone.

First, you’ve got to open your stance by aiming way left of the target (if you’re right-handed). Then you have to open the clubface way to the right. Immediately, your address position feels out of whack.

Opening the blade also reduces the club’s effective hitting area, raises the leading edge off the ground (hello, thin shots) and moves the hosel closer to the ball (Shank City, here I come).

And that’s just the setup.

To execute the flop shot, you’re taught to take the club all the way to the top, cut across the ball on the downswing and accelerate through impact. In other words, make a full swing – a terrifying prospect when you’re only 10-20 yards from the hole.

Good luck, partner.

With a mind full of do’s, don’ts and doubt, the typical amateur decelerates on the way down and hits the ball fat. Or he skulls it across the green. Other times, he clanks it off the hosel – and earns an ignominious nickname:


But with the xE1 in your arsenal, they may start calling you “the Flop Master.”

Just Set Up Square and Swing? Can it Really Be That Easy?

We’ve been through the gyrations necessary to play a flop shot with a conventional sand or lob wedge. Here’s how it’s done with the xE1:

1. Set up with your feet square.

2. Aim the clubface at the target.

3. Make your normal swing.

Nope, I didn’t skip a step.

That’s all there is to it.

How can it possibly be this simple?

In a word: technology.

While the xE1’s loft (about 5° more than a standard lob wedge) eliminates the need to open your stance or the blade, it’s the Auto-Glide Sole with RPM (Repositioned Performance Mass) that really sets it apart from traditional wedges.

You can read all about these innovations elsewhere on this page. Bottom line:

The xE1’s design assures clean contact from virtually any lie – fairway, rough or bunker.

Once you’re free of excess swing thoughts and unafraid of disaster, you’re filled with confidence to zero in on the flag.

Normal stance. Normal clubface alignment. Normal swing.

Extraordinary, stroke-saving, awe-inspiring flop shots.

Just take it from Allan Brilz.

“The results were just incredible,” he marveled after trying the xE1. “I couldn’t believe how easy it was.”

Neither will you.

Get your hands on the xE1 Wedge today – and become a flop shot maestro overnight.

All this, and more...

With little to no practice required.

Which again begs the question:

Why hasn’t a major equipment company devised a wedge like the xE1?

Beats me. But the big boys really missed the boat.

Arron Oberholser talks about the xE1, including the science behind the "magic" sole. Click to watch this rough and un-cut interview.

We rounded up three 18-handicappers and had them try the xE1 Wedge, sight unseen, and they were blown away.

That’s right. Not one of them had swung this club. Ever.

We had each golfer play three shots with his own wedge, followed by three from the same spot with the xE1, from both fairway and sand.

And the results?

Click "play" on the video below to hear for yourself what one golfer named Allan had to say:

Allan Brilz, amateur golfer & xE1 convert

And the other golfers?

Bob Hassett

I was absolutely amazed by the simplicity of hitting this wedge. It was truly effortless. The first time I hit the xE1 it felt like I’d had it in my bag for 30 years. It was completely comfortable. I didn’t have to swing hard. It just popped right up and dropped on the green.

I’ve always been taught to hit 2-3 inches behind the ball in the sand and make such a hard effort. I think that’s where my problems came from. With the xE1, it’s just a simple, soft motion and the ball pops right up in the air. It seems so well-balanced when you hit it; it doesn’t even really feel like you’re hitting the ball. That to me is what’s so fascinating. xE1 seems like an incredible advancement.

Bob Hassett
Tony Montalbano

When I first looked at the xE1, I didn’t know what to think, but when I hit it, it was excellent. Every shot just came out so nice and soft, and got up in the air. Even when I didn’t make a good swing, it still popped up and checked up on the green. I hit four or five shots out of a bunker, and they all came out. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a wedge that’s as easy to use around the greens as the xE1. No effort at all; it’s just like hitting a regular shot off the fairway.

Tony Montalbano

Three average golfers. Three club-vs.-club tests. Three xE1 victories.

Three xE1 converts.

You’d be wise to join their ranks… assuming you want to save strokes the very next time you play – without spending a dime on lessons or practicing from dusk till dawn.

Sound good? Then the xE1 is a must-have.

Short Game Improvement – THE Key to Lowering Your Scores

You have other options, of course.

For instance, you can drop $500 on a driver that’s got more space-age features than the Mars rover. (If nothing else, it’ll impress your pals.)

Better yet, replace your mid-irons with easier-to-hit-hybrids. (All the cool kids are doing it.)

By all means, dip into your retirement fund and pay a swing guru to rebuild your game from the ground up. (Actually, you’ll be working with one of his lackeys. But the guru might stop by for cocktails.)

Before you do, though, consider these research stats:

  • High-handicap golfers get up-and-down from around the green a mere 10% of the time.
  • Mid-handicappers are in the 15% - 20% range. (For comparison, the average tour pro is near 60%.)

If you score 90 or higher, you might hit a couple of greens in regulation, tops – which leaves a whole lot of chips, pitches and bunker shots.

And a whole lot of room for improvement. Say you miss all 18 greens and average one flub per hole (which is entirely possible). Who knows – the xE1 could save you all 18 of those strokes.

Still not convinced you should attack the short game before, say, your driving or iron play? Check this out:

Legendary instructor Dave Pelz has studied golf scoring – i.e., where players gain and lose strokes – more than anyone in history; here’s how he rates the importance of each segment (on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the highest):

Before you race off to the practice green, keep this in mind:

—— The better your chips, pitches and bunker shots, the shorter your putts…

—— The shorter your putts, the more you make…

—— The more you make, the lower you score…

—— And the lower you score, the harder your cocky cohorts have to beg for strokes. (“Come on, help a brother out – I need four a side this time.”)

See where I’m coming from?

If you really want to shrink the numbers on your scorecard – and do it in a hurry – you must focus on your wedge play.

And if your traditional wedge isn't getting it done, you need the xE1.

In a minute, I’ll tell you how you can try this game-changing wedge at no risk for 60 days.

That’s right. During this limited-time special offer, you can take the xE1 for a 100% risk-free test drive. (Make that a test “chip.”)

Steven Wasserman, 14 handicap

My fear factor of being in the sand now that I’ve tried the xE1 Wedge is diminished. I don’t get in the sand hoping that I can get out. I get in the sand thinking ‘WHERE do I get out?’ I’m very impressed with this xE1 Wedge.

Steven Wasserman, 14 handicap
Steve Russell, 6 handicap

The xE1 was just simple to use. It took a lot of thought out of the swinging the golf club. I just swung the club and it just did what the club was meant to do. It just went right through the ball.

Steve Russell, 6 handicap

Why You Need This Wedge

Oh, [email protected]#$.

Your ball is nestled in ankle-deep rough. You’ve got 15 yards to the flag… which is cut just a few paces from the green’s edge... behind a ferocious, gaping bunker.

Do you:

  • a) Grab your sand wedge in disgust and hack out sideways, deathly afraid of chunking the shot? (Eliciting not laughter, but something much worse – actual pity.)
  • b) Go with a lob wedge and whisper a little prayer, knowing you’ll most likely dump it in the bunker? (Where you’ll no doubt be buried under the lip.)
  • c) Lick your chops and pull the xE1, confident you’ll carry the sand and stick it tight? (Man, I hope somebody got that on video.)

Of course, the correct answer is "c."

Then again, you won’t have to make decisions like this once you own an xE1. Because chances are, it’ll be the only specialty wedge in your bag. (You’ll probably want to keep the pitching wedge for longer shots.)

Yes, the xE1 can do it all.

It’s got 65° of loft, more than most lob wedges, and a bounce angle similar to a sand wedge.

Combine these specs with the “conquer-any-lie” Auto-Glide Sole plus RPM, and the xE1 is the most versatile wedge on the planet.

For good measure, add extreme heel-to-toe weighting for an extra-large sweet spot and ample forgiveness.

Now what have you got?

A wedge that makes miss-hits a thing of the past and leaves you makeable putts, time after time, within 50 yards of the flag.

What more could you want from a single club?

Ken Kasses, 11 handicap

When I used the xE1, I looked down at it and it has a much bigger face and gives you a lot of confidence. The club does actually do the work for you because as I said with mine, you have to muscle it out of the sand. But with the xE1, you just play a normal shot out.

Ken Kasses, 11 handicap

Save Big With This Risk-Free, Limited-Time Offer

Well my friend, I think the merits of the xE1 Wedge are pretty clear. I could go on, but you’ve got golf to play.

And the sooner you get your hands on this amazing club, the better. Not just for your game, but for your wallet… And your pride.

While I’m absolutely positive you’ll love the xE1, I’d hate for you to feel shafted on the microscopically slim chance that you don’t.

That’s why I’m inviting you to order the xE1 Wedge today, take it for a spin over the next 60 days, and return it for a full refund if you’re not utterly and completely satisfied.

  • Try it in the bunkers – perfect lies, fluffy lies, firm lies and “fried eggs.”
  • Hit it from the rough – thin and wispy, thick and juicy, soaked or parched.
  • Test it on the fairway – soft and squishy or tight as a drum.
  • Throw it in “jail” – buried bunker lies, divots or U.S. Open-style gunch.
  • Turn it every which way – uphill or down, leaning left or tilted right.

No matter the situation, your xE1 Wedge will pass with flying colors. I guarantee it.

As golf’s only can’t-miss wedge, the xE1 deserves a can’t-miss offer. And the 60-day guarantee is only half of it, because right now, for a limited time, it’s on sale...

For just $99.

That’s $50 off regular pricing – and a nice chunk of change less than the big boys charge for their outdated, pros-only wedges.

On top of that, consider this: Thanks to the xE1’s versatility, it’s really like getting two or more wedges in one. (Which not only cuts the cost, it frees up space in your bag for an extra hybrid or fairway wood.)

Then think about the time and money you won’t have to spend taking lessons, reading tips or watching videos in an effort to solve your short game woes.

Did I mention the strokes you’ll save, beginning with your very next round?

Or all the “I-can’t-believe-that-SOB-got-up-and-down-again” stares you’ll get from your shell-shocked buddies?

Those, my friend, are priceless.

100% Iron-Clad "Never-Chunk-Another-Chip" Money-Back GUARANTEE:

Order your xE1 Wedge right now and hit it to your heart’s content for the next 60 days.

Use it on the course, the range, the chipping area or the back yard, from any lie you can find or create. And don’t worry about scuffing it up.

If you don’t see IMMEDIATE & DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT in your short game…

If you’re not INSTANTLY able to pull off shots you never dreamed of attempting before...

If your newfound prowess doesn’t wow your playing partners and – most importantly – deliver THE LOWEST SCORES OF YOUR LIFE...

If you’re not 100%, over-the-moon thrilled with your new xE1 Wedge – for any reason (or none at all)...

Simply send it back and we’ll refund every penny (less shipping & handling).

That’s about as risk-free as a 1-inch putt.

Are you ready to get started now?

Here’s how you can lower your score and improve your short game just by putting the technologically advanced xE1 Wedge in your bag TODAY. It’s easy to order.

Simply tell us whether you need a left- or right-handed club, and click the big orange “Add to Cart” button below.

Are You Ready to Kiss Your Short Game Blues Goodbye?

Just imagine, with the new xE1 Wedge...

  • You’ll shave strokes off your score and dramatically improve your short game - the very first time you use it!
  • You’ll hit higher, softer, MORE CONSISTENT shots - closer to the hole every single time!
  • You’ll finally have the confidence to attack the pin like the pros!
  • You’ll effortlessly glide through the sand and never leave it in the bunker again – GUARANTEED.
  • You’ll never hit another fat or thin pitch or chip again!
  • You’ll hit remarkable recovery shots from all around the green – even from the tightest of lies – and you’ll amaze your playing partners time and time again!
  • You’ll have an amazing new level of CONFIDENCE in your short game that you’ve never had before…
  • You’ll never be intimidated by a greenside bunker ever again!
  • You’ll INSTANTLY start shaving strokes of your score!
  • You’ll see your short game DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE almost overnight – without hours of tedious practice or expensive lessons!
  • You’ll be able to take the xE1 for a “test drive” 100% RISK-FREE for the next 60 days so you can see that all of these claims are true for you – and if not, you are protected by our 60 DAY, 100% Iron-Clad xE1 WEDGE Never-Leave-It-In-The Bunker-Again Money-Back GUARANTEE!

Now for the easiest shot you’ll ever face.

The target is right there, just waiting for you to take dead aim.

It’s that big orange “Add to Cart” button below. You can’t miss it.

Go ahead and tap in this gimme.


Doug Miller, 10 handicap

The xE1 is very forgiving. I hit behind the ball 6 to 8 inches and it still got the ball up and over and got it close to the pin, so I was real happy. Old wedges, that’s old technology. xE1 is truly something new and it’s going to make a place in my bag.

Doug Miller, 10 handicap

RIGHT Hand xE1 65°

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A Glimpse at Your Short Game - Present vs. Future

With your traditional wedge...

  • Chunked chips
  • Skulled pitches
  • Shots left in bunkers
  • Terror over tight lies
  • Sideways pitch-outs from thick rough
  • No chance for a fried egg lie
  • Hit a flop shot? You must be joking.
  • A pitiful % of up-and-down conversions
  • Smug snickers from your golf "buddies"
  • Scores that make you want to quit the game
  • "Why did I buy this $#@! wedge?"

With your brand new xE1 Wedge...

  • Crisp chips to gimme range
  • Pure pitches that drop and stop
  • Out in one, every time
  • Watch me spin this sucker and know it stiff
  • You dare me to hit it over the bunker?
  • I eat fried eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Let's see "Lefty" top this
  • How 'bout that - I'm 5 for 5
  • Heads shaking in flustered disbelief
  • Well I'll be damned - another personal best
  • That's the best 99 bucks I ever spent
Michael Friedman, 14 handicap

I don’t think I’ve ever had an easier shot with a wedge than with this xE1. Whether it was from over the trap or from the trap onto the green, not having to open up the club face with the xE1 makes it so much easier.

Michael Friedman, 14 handicap

  • xE1 65° Wedge

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • xE1 Wedge, 65 degree
  • Right- and left-landed wedges available!

Risk Free Today!

  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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