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— Video: See How This Club Improves Your Game Quickly And With Very Little Practice

Forget ever hitting another thin shot, fat shot, or shank. The xE1 wedge will end your short game frustration forever… Guaranteed.

ball“I was hitting chip shots like a pro, landing softly on the green, really close to the hole. Over and over… the xE1 wedge made my game so much more fun!”

Does your short game need work?

You’re not alone. Millions of players struggle for better control, more loft, and consistency with their chips and pitches—every time they play. Are you one of them?

The short game accounts for more than half of all the shots players take when they hit the course. That’s two, three, and sometimes four chips and pitches per hole—or more. And it’s killing your game.

Do you flub easy chip shots or hit thin shots that sail past the green?

Do you regularly hit fat shots that don’t go anywhere or leave shots in the bunker?

Are you tired of smirks and laughs from the others in your foursome?

If any of that sounds familiar, you need to see what happened when former PGA pro Arron Oberholser asked long-time golfer (and 18-handicapper) Allan Brilz to take a few shots with the revolutionary new xE1 wedge.

You have to see this to believe it…

Incredible, right?

Alan didn’t take a single practice swing. And he wasn’t coached on his technique. He simply picked up the xE1 wedge and hit three straight shots over the bunker and on to the green. One within three feet of the pin.
And, as he said, “it was effortless.”

The xE1 can do the same for you…

Struggling with your short game?
The problem isn’t you.
It’s your wedge.

It’s no secret. Most players struggle with their short game. It’s frustrating. Even maddening.

You spend hours practicing… You read and follow the advice in the magazines… You focus on the ball, bend your knees and keep your head down… But nothing makes a difference, no matter what you try.

Here’s the secret golf club manufacturers won’t tell you: you are not the problem.

It’s your wedge.

Your traditional wedge is poorly designed. And that’s killing your short game.

It’s true. Your wedge has two design flaws that make it difficult to hit accurately and consistently. And while practice and lessons (at $50 a pop) will help, they won’t eliminate the club’s flaws that cause blading, chunking and shanking. Here’s why…

Traditional Wedge Design Flaw #1: The leading edge causes digging and shots that land short.

The typical sand or pitching wedge's leading edge is designed with “bounce" that is supposed to bounce your club off of the ground or sand and help the ball into the air.

When you hit a standard wedge an inch or two behind the ball, it can dig into the turf—absorbing the energy of your strike before you hit the ball, resulting in a fat shot that goes nowhere.

And when you lift up to try and avoid the fat shot, the front edge of the club connects with the ball causing a thin or bladed shot that send the ball rocketing over the green.

Traditional Wedge Design Flaw #2: The narrow sole causes thin shots adding strokes to your game.

The narrow sole causes thin shots adding strokes to your game.

To make matters worse, the typical wedge is made with a narrow sole (the bottom of the club), which forces you to open the face. By opening the face, you have reduced the club face hitting area and brought the sole and hosel into play. This causes the club to bounce off the turf and sand, is unforgiving with very little room for error and many times resulting in an uncontrollable thin shot and the occasionally shank.

These two design flaws make it almost impossible to chip and pitch consistently—no matter how much practice you put in.

The xE1's design makes it easy to swing through everything from long grass to sand - and effortlessly lob your shot onto the green.

The first time you pick it up you’ll see that the xE1 is completely different from traditional wedges. Its unique design practically glides through soft sand and deep grass to pop your ball up and on to the green.

1xE1 Design Advantage #1:
Back-weighted performance mass eliminates thin shots.

Notice how the performance mass on the xE1 has been moved back to the rear of the sole—nearly two inches behind where the weight is in the typical wedge. This critical change holds the leading edge down as it passes through the point of impact, almost eliminating thin shots.

2xE1 Design Advantage #2:
Auto-Glide sole prevents digging and gives your shot loft.

The wide but shallow curve of the AutoGlide sole keeps the club from digging, so it glides effortlessly across the surface of the ground so you'll easily and consistently hit beautiful lob shots into the air.

3xE1 Design Advantage #3:
Extreme loft angle means you don’t need to be a pro to hit a perfect flop shot.

And the xE1 is made with 65° of loft (5° more than a typical lob wedge and 9° more than a typical sand wedge), when combined with the xE1's AutoGlide sole, you don’t need to open up the clubface when you hit. Simply set up and swing.

Side by side, here’s how the xE1 compares to your standard wedge:

Traditional Wedge

  • Sharp Leading Edge: Can dig into turf and sand causing fat shots left short of your target.
  • Narrow Sole: Forces you to open the face causing thin, bladed and shanked shots.
  • Front weighted mass
  • Leading edge can pop up and connect with the ball sending it rocketing past the target
  • 59-60° loft
  • Requires you to open the clubface making the club unforgiving.
  • Difficult to hit consistently.
  • $100-250

xE1 Wedge

  • Rounded Leading Edge: Keeps the club gliding through the grass and sand with no digging eliminating fat shots.
  • Wide Auto-Glide Sole: The wide but shallow curve of the AutoGlide sole gives you more club face area and is more forgiving.
  • Performance Mass is moved back: The club’s weight is set 2 inches behind the strike zone to keep the leading edge down, practically eliminating thin shots
  • 65° loft
  • Set up square, no adjustment and hit soft hit shots.
  • Engineered to deliver better accuracy and consistency.
  • $139

The xE1 performs in any greenside situation from 40 yards and in. Over bunkers. Off Tight lies. From the rough. Out of buried lies in the bunker. Even out of a divot.

Ready to see what this amazing club can do for you? Just click the “ADD TO CART” button below.

Is the xE1 wedge right for you?

If you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t struggle with your short game, if you can easily hit a flop shot and your pitches get plenty of loft, or you never worry about sending a chip shot past the green—or worse, leaving one short—the xE1 wedge might not be for you.

The xE1 is engineered for players who have tried everything—and they still can’t hit accurate wedge shots.

Long-time golfers who have paid for lessons with a pro. Players who have spent hours at the range. Mid-to-high handicappers who are tired of getting advice from “golf buddies” every time they pull out a wedge.

Sound familiar? Then you owe it to yourself to try this game-changing wedge.


 With the xE1…


• You’ll surprise yourself the first time you step up and hit an impossible “Phil-style” flop shot.

• You’ll shave strokes off your score as your short game becomes consistent and predictable—for the first time ever.

• You may even start hoping for your ball to land this side of the bunker… just so you can step up confidently, carry the sand and stick your shot a few feet from the pin.

And get ready for your golf buddies to say things like, “Wow. How’d you do that?” before they start asking you for pointers.

Risk-free guarantee: Try it for 60 days. If you don’t see a dramatic improvement, you’ll get your money back.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, you saw what Allan Brilz did with the xE1 (if you missed that, go up and watch the video at the top of this page). And you’ve seen what Arron Oberholser said about it. Now it’s time to try it yourself.

That’s why I’m inviting you to order the xE1 Wedge today, take it for a spin over the next 60 days, and return it for a full refund if you’re not utterly and completely satisfied.

  • Try it in the bunkers – perfect lies, fluffy lies, firm lies and “fried eggs.”
  • Hit it from the rough – thin and wispy, thick and juicy, soaked or parched.
  • Test it on the fairway – soft and squishy or tight as a drum.
  • Throw it in “jail” – buried bunker lies, divots or U.S. Open-style gunch.
  • Turn it every which way – uphill or down, leaning left or tilted right.
  • Order your xE1 Wedge right now and hit it to your heart’s content for the next 45 days.

Use it on the course, the range, the chipping area or the back yard, from any lie you can find or create. And don’t worry about scuffing it up.

If you don’t see IMMEDIATE & DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT in your short game…

If you’re not INSTANTLY able to pull off shots you never dreamed of attempting before...

If your newfound prowess doesn’t wow your playing partners and – most importantly – deliver THE LOWEST SCORES OF YOUR LIFE...

If you’re not 100%, over-the-moon thrilled with your new xE1 Wedge – for any reason (or none at all)... Simply send it back and we’ll refund every penny (less shipping & handling).

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testimonial-1 “I’ve always had difficulty hitting my wedges… The xE1 makes the game a lot easier.I was absolutely amazed by the simplicity of hitting the xE1 wedge. To me, it was truly effortless.”

—Bob Hassett, 18 handicap

“When I first looked at the xE1, I was a little bit skeptical, but results tend to change my opinion about that. I don’t think I’ve ever had an easier shot with a wedge than with this xE1, whether it was from behind the green, over the trap, or from the trap onto the green.”

—Tony Montalbano, 18 handicap

My fear factor of being in the sand now that I’ve tried the xE1 wedge is gone. I don’t get in the sand hoping I can get out. I get in the sand thinking, ‘Where do I get out?’ I’m very impressed with this wedge.”

—Steven Wasserman, 14 handicap

The xE1 was just simple to use. It took a lot of thought out of swinging the golf club. I just swung the club and it just did what the club was meant to do. It just went right through the ball.”

—Steve Russell, 6 handicap

“When I used the xE1, I looked down at it and it has a much bigger face and gives you a lot of confidence. The club does actually do the work for you because as I said with mine, you have to muscle it out of the sand. But with the xE1, you just play a normal shot out.”

—Ken Kasses, 11 handicap

Order a 65° xE1 Wedge today, and we'll give you a 59° xE1 for FREE!

How much would shaving 2-3 strokes off your handicap be worth to you?

What if the xE1 can help take 5-6 strokes off your scorecard?

There are thousands of players who spend hundreds of dollars every year on lessons and buckets of balls at the range hoping for a small improvement.

The xE1 delivers that kind of improvement immediately—almost without practice.

And now you can take home two xE1 Wedges for just $139—that’s two for the price of one! And it's less than the cost of two lessons at most courses.

But do you know what’s worth more than the small price of the xE1 wedge? It’s seeing the surprise and envy on the faces of the others in your foursome when you drop your next flop shot just a few feet from the pin.

That is worth every penny and more!

Order your xE1 wedge now and finally have a short game that makes you want to go back for more.

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Simply the best investment you can make in your short game… The xE1 is engineered to do everything but swing the club for you.

You could continue playing with your old wedge and settle for your lousy short game. But why? The xE1 is engineered to do everything but swing the club for you.

Instead of chunked chips, your next 40-yard shot will be a “gimme.”

Instead of leaving shots in the bunker, you’ll be out in one—every time.

Instead of dread when hitting over hazards, you’ll confidently step up and put your ball on the green.

If you don’t agree that the xE1 is the best investment you’ve ever made in your short game, simply send it back within forty-five days and we’ll refund your money (less shipping and handling)—no questions asked.

You’ll love the way the xE1 helps you place perfect chips on the green… you’ll love the way the xE1 glides effortlessly through all kinds of rough and sand conditions… and you’ll love the dramatic improvement in your scores.

But none of that will happen until you get your xE1 wedge.

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Buy One Get One Free!
Get two xE1 Wedges - both the 65° & 59° lofts - for Just $139 USD!

FREE U.S. SHIPPING - add to cart to see international shipping
All orders 100% SAFE using our SECURE server
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